Do you have pain in your foot? This might be the reason

If you’re accustomed to feeling a stabbing pain in your foot when you first walk out of bed in the morning...

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4 ways to prepare for an injury-free ski season

Here are four ways we suggest you build your fitness in the lead up to the 2017 ski season.

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4 Easy Ways To Avoid Text Neck

It’s important to learn how to manage ‘text neck’ if it arises and prevent the pain from occurring – here are some things we suggest you do.

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How to prevent and treat episodes of muscle cramps

Have you ever wondered where muscle cramps have come from? And why are they happening to you?

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Headaches. Don’t let one stand in the way of your day.

There is no magical formula to tackle the symptoms of a headache, physiotherapy treatments can go a long way to help ease the pain and get you back on track in the long term.

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Want results? Try the finer point of pain relief

Dry needling has been around for many years as a treatment to combat acute or chronic pain. Widely recognised as a subset of Western acupuncture, dry needling involves inserting fine filament needles into muscular trigger points that are direct sources of pain to restore normal muscle movement.

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Are you squatting for success?

Squats are arguably the best full-body exercise in existence.

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Strap yourself in and then back yourself in

So, you’ve injured yourself during your most recent training session.

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Exercising While Pregnant – How to Safely Stay Fit

We’ve put together a quick guide to help you stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy.

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Avoid Injury this Football Season

Australian rules accounts for the highest number of sports related injuries that lead to hospitalisation.

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What’s your plan to tackle Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)?

Preparing your body for the impending flight.

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Find the Fun in Preparing For a Marathon

Training for and completing a marathon is one the most physically and mentally grueling challenges.

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What exactly is physiotherapy and how can it help you?

One thing we’ve noticed at Fairfield Physiotherapy throughout our collective numerous years of professional experience is that most people aren’t aware of just how broad the field of physiotherapy is and the wide range of injuries and conditions with which it can help.

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Office work and prolonged periods of sitting: what effects it can have and how to avoid it

Few would disagree that our modern lifestyle does not always account for the fact that the human body has evolved to suit a lifestyle of regular movement and exercise.

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Getting the ball rolling on beating back pain could be easier than you thought.

Back pain affects millions of Australians every year and is a common reason for absence from work, big medical bills and a noticeable reduction in overall quality of life.

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