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About Fairfield Physiotherapy: Over 38 Years of Expert Care

About Fairfield Physiotherapy
& Sports Injuries Centre

Fairfield Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre has consistently assisted our patients suffering from musculoskeletal injuries for over 38 years. Our experienced staff believe in a practical approach, offering a tailored, exercise-based treatment program that will assist with your needs, and this has led to us continuously achieving excellent results for those in our care. Over the years our practice has developed a combination of hands-on treatment as well as exercise therapy, allowing us to provide more personalised strategies for your pain or injury management

All of our physiotherapists have a strong background in sports and orthopaedic conditions and bring their own special interests to the team, such as the management of all back and neck pain, headaches, and upper and lower limb injuries. We help people of all ages with movement disorders with our practical treatment programs. We are well recognised in the local community and beyond.

As a team of highly qualified healthcare professionals, we work in partnership with our patients to provide a holistic approach to health and wellbeing by assisting them to manage and overcome pain and disability acquired through accident or injury, surgery or illness. At the core of our philosophy is our commitment to maximising patients’ involvement in their own care, through education, awareness, empowerment and participation in their management, from goal setting right through to treatment options.

At Fairfield Physiotherapy, we provide a personalised and professional assessment, diagnosis and management program for your condition with particular emphasis on injury prevention and aiding rehabilitation by addressing the underlying cause of the problem. Our goal is to equip you with a plan designed to achieve a fast and sustained recovery, built around tailored, hands-on strategies.

Physiotherapy treatment will vary depending upon your condition but may involve one or more of the following:

We look forward to helping you achieve your personal health and fitness goals and becoming your preferred Fairfield physio.

Why Choose Us

We’re excellent in what we do

During your initial consultation we listen to your needs and identify the underlying contributing factors associated with your injury.

We offer a practical approach

Our professionals apply hands on treatment techniques that enhance a home-based exercise regimen.

We’re committed to education

Educating our patients about their conditions helps to optimise outcomes.

We value our role in the community

We have a strong and vast network of health professionals, ensuring you get the right diagnosis and correct treatment for your condition

Our Physiotherapists

We look forward to helping you achieve your personal health and fitness goals and becoming your preferred Fairfield physio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Information you may need before your appointment.

Physiotherapists can aid in both the prevention and treatment of injuries and pain caused by illness, ageing, or disability. Physiotherapists are trained to diagnose and treat the cause of the pain and help alleviate it through a variety of methods including exercise, joint manipulation or mobilisation and massage. They can also help you to correct your posture for daily activities and develop the right techniques while playing sport in order to prevent future injuries. Physiotherapists are movement specialists.

At Fairfield Physiotherapy, we work with both elite and recreational athletes to prevent, diagnose and manage injuries. Our physios look at managing the acute phase of the injury before rehabilitating the injured joint/muscle/tendon through massage, joint manipulation/mobilisation and strength building. We take into account your existing conditions, needs and lifestyle to develop a treatment program that works best for you and gets you back in shape as soon as possible.

Yes. Your physiotherapist might recommend massage as part of your treatment plan. Massage can be used to improve flexibility and movement of joints, break down adhesions and fibrous knots, help relax the muscles. There are many types of massage used in physiotherapy and your physio can advise which form of treatment will be most effective for your condition.

While a referral is not necessary to attend a physiotherapy consultation with us, your doctor may recommend physiotherapy to aid in your rehabilitation. In such instances, your doctor might send us a letter with information regarding your condition.

1. Call us on 9489 7744, OR 2. Book through our website www.fairfieldphysiotherapy.com.au 3. Book directly through your Health Engine App.

Yes, you can if you have private health insurance with the appropriate extras cover. Please bring your health fund membership card with you to your appointment for on-the-spot private health insurance claims.

Yes, we do. Please call our helpful reception staff and they can book an appointment for you and let you know what information to bring.

Allow up to 30 minutes for your first appointment so we can thoroughly assess your condition and involve you in the decision-making process to start your treatment.

It is best to wear comfortable clothing.

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