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Jonathan Bastin


Jonathan hails from New Zealand where rugby by far eclipses AFL in spectator numbers.

Jonathan graduated from Otago University New Zealand. He immediately moved into working in a private practice, starting in Launceston, Tasmania. He gained a great knowledge of muscular skeletal conditions in both a private practice setting along with some hospital care.

Jonathan worked in Tasmania for a year then returned to New Zealand. He worked in a private practice in Christchurch where he studied the McKenzie method of treating back and neck injuries.

Having been exposed to different treatment methods and the benefits of each, Jonathan has been able to develop a holistic treatment approach. He uses manual therapy to assist patients with their recovery along with exercise therapy to ensure patients reach their full potential as soon as possible.

Jonathan is interested in all sports, having played many himself. Jonathan has worked with football, cricket, soccer and rugby teams and has an interest in sporting injuries.

Having previously been exposed to Australian life Jonathan joined Fairfield Physiotherapy in 2014 and is settling back into Australia. He has familiarised himself with Aussie culture and AFL but is not sure the rest of New Zealand will leave Rugby Union to follow AFL with him.

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