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A Beginner’s Guide to Load Management

Overuse injuries often occur as a result of training load error. Training load can be defined as the amount of stress placed on a person during one workout or over a certain period of time. In order to improve performance athletes need to continually train harder (apply a progressive load) as their bodies adjust to workouts. Increasing the training load progressively and overloading serves to force the body to adapt and change and these changes bring about improvements in strength, endurance, speed etc.

One of the key things factors to be considered in injury prevention and recovery from injury is load management. Today, we explore the concept of load management and the key role it plays in improving performance and injury prevention.


What is load management?

Load management refers to the practice of controlling training loads in order to enhance performance and lower the risk of injury.

If insufficient load is applied, there is no training effect, or the desired effect is not achieved. When an optimal load is applied, the maximum possible changes are achieved and performance improves as a result.

A training load error occurs when training load is increased faster than the athlete’s body can handle. Such error can result in overuse injuries and any further training in this case does not bring about a positive effect on performance. The body requires time to adapt to training loads and training load errors can cause pathological overload of tissues due to insufficient time being allowed for adaptation.

It is important to understand and respect the required timeframes for tissue healing and adaptation.


How can physiotherapy help with load management and returning from injury?

Your physiotherapist can help you plan your return to training following injury. At Fairfield Physiotherapy & Sport Injuries Centre, we are specialists in injury recovery and prevention. We can liaise with your coach and other healthcare professionals to ensure that your return is successful. We can assist you to gradually return to training and implement effective load management strategies following injury.


Our physiotherapists have the expertise and equipment to track, measure and record training load and empower you to achieve the ideal training load for optimal performance and reduced injury risk. We work with members of local sports clubs from a range of different types of sport and levels, right through to elite athletes.

If you would like to learn more about load management and how we can help you improve your performance, recover from injury or reduce the risk of injury contact our friendly team to make an appointment.