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Brunswick East Physiotherapist

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Looking for a physiotherapist near Brunswick East? Look no further than Fairfield Physiotherapy and Sports injuries Centre. We’re open 6 days a week including Saturday mornings.

Our clinic opening hours are:

8am – 7pm weekdays
8am – 12pm Saturday

Book an appointment now. Call us at (03) 9489 7744 or use our online booking system on our website.

Your Local Brunswick East Physiotherapist

At Fairfield Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre, we provide expert care just a few minutes by car or train from Brunswick East. We offer comprehensive care for a variety of conditions, including pain and discomfort from with injuries, disability or illness.

Why Visit Fairfield Physiotherapy

We can help you achieve fast and sustainable recovery from sports injuries, back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and many more conditions. Our physios will work closely with you to develop a treatment and management plan that is realistic and effective.

We also carry out postural assessments, ergonomic workplace assessment and gait assessments to identify the root cause of your discomfort and devise a plan to prevent future injuries.

Our Treatment Techniques

Depending on the nature and severity of your condition, our physios will recommend a range of techniques to help you achieve optimal results. Your treatment may involve prescribed exercises, soft tissue massage, muscle re-education, joint manipulation or mobilisation.

What To Expect At Your First Appointment

During your initial appointment, your physiotherapist will ask you questions and conduct tests to reach an accurate diagnosis of your condition. From there, you will work together to develop a treatment plan which may include techniques such as joint mobilisation or prescribed exercises.

Our Brunswick East Physios

Click the names below to find out more about our physiotherapists servicing the Brunswick area.

Tony Flanagan, Physiotherapist
Mark Summers, Physiotherapist
Jonathan Bastin, Physiotherapist