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Searching for dependable physiotherapy near Clifton Hill? Located at just a seven-minute drive from the Clifton Hill area, each physiotherapist at our clinic is available at extended hours during the week, as well as on Saturday mornings, to make booking yourself an appointment easier.

Our opening hours are:
8 am – 7 pm weekdays
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To book an appointment with a local Clifton Hill Physiotherapist today, call us on (03) 9489 7744 or book an appointment online using the button below.

Your Local Physiotherapy Clinic Near Clifton Hill

Fairfield Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre has been servicing the local Clifton Hill area for over 30 years. We’ve been working with our patients to provide a holistic approach to health since 1985. Whether you’re experiencing pain and disability acquired through accident, injury, surgery or illness, our physiotherapists will design a management and treatment plan to get you back on your feet.

Why Visit Fairfield Physiotherapy?

At Fairfield Physiotherapy, our team of traditional and sports physios from Clifton Hill will work with you to provide a tailored treatment and management plan. Our physiotherapists not only treat a range of sporting injuries, but they can also assist you with a postural assessment and a range of musculoskeletal injuries.

Our complete selection of services includes:

Sports Physio

Each of our physiotherapists has extensive experience in orthopaedic conditions and sports-related injuries. We offer an exercise-based approach to your problem to achieve long-term recovery and injury prevention. Our Clifton Hill Physiotherapists may treat your condition with a range of treatment techniques, including muscle re-education, soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation or manipulation and dry needling. At Fairfield Physio, we develop tailored exercise ‘prescriptions’ for our patients to assist recovery. Our goal is to help you achieve sustained recovery.

Physiotherapy Conditions

If you have been struggling with acute or chronic health challenges, physiotherapy services may be a terrific support, management and treatment strategy. We work to prescribe and address a wide array of conditions, including:

  • Neck, shoulder and lower back pain
  • Bursitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Tendonitis
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • And more

Our skilled physiotherapists will tailor a treatment plan to your unique needs, helping you regain comfort and functionality in your daily life.

Injury Management

Overcoming injuries is often quite a hurdle, but with the right approach tailored to your direct needs, you may find yourself with an easier and accelerated recovery. 

Whether you’re dealing with a work-induced strain or are simply experiencing unexplained muscle aches and pains, we’re here to guide you. We offer effective injury management strategies, strength-building exercises, and expert advice on avoiding future injuries.

Telehealth Physiotherapy

If you’re unable to find the time to visit and attend physiotherapy near Clifton Hill in person, our telehealth services offer top-notch treatment without leaving your home. Using a smart device connected to a stable internet connection, we can walk you through your exercises, offer insights and education, and track your improvement, just as if you were right here with us. It’s all about delivering high-quality physiotherapy care that fits into your lifestyle.

Our Physiotherapists’ Approach To Treatment​

At Fairfield physiotherapy our team works with you to find the best treatment plan to get you back to your full range of motion. Our team offers the very best in physio innovative treatments to ensure that you get back doing what you love.

Our Local Physiotherapy Clinic Near Clifton Hill

Our team of experienced physiotherapists will work with you to treat your symptoms and manage and prevent injury. Our local Clifton Hill Physios are listed below. Each of our physiotherapists has extensive experience and a specialised field of interest. Find out more about our physios by clicking on their names below.

Tony Flanagan, Physiotherapist
Mark Summers, Physiotherapist
Meg Mcnena, Physiotherapist
Jonathan Bastin, Physiotherapist
Ben Bond, Physiotherapist