One of the things that we do here at Fairfield Physiotherapy on a daily basis is to develop exercise ‘prescriptions’ or exercise guidelines for our patients and clients. While almost anyone can safely exercise, some people may benefit from a specific and targeted exercise program to help recovery.

Exercise therapy has been shown to be a very effective method in speeding up recovery from a variety of injuries and pain-related situations. Whether it be a sore back, sprained ankle or torn muscle, specific exercises given by qualified physiotherapists can be a crucial part of your rehabilitation.

At Fairfield Physiotherapy, one of our corner stones of treatment is exercise prescription. All our physiotherapists have experience in exercise prescription for your specific injury and needs. We will take time to understand and diagnose your condition, provide treatment, and then provide the best exercises for your recovery. Our strategy here at Fairfield Physiotherapy is one that promotes ongoing self-management, and exercise prescription is a key component.

Combining our manual treatment with a home-based exercise program has been shown to aid recovery from injury. This exercise program can be in the form of specific stretches to relieve tight areas, such as the neck, a stabilising protocol to help decrease pain especially with core stability of the lower back. Strengthening exercises can also be given to help aid the recovery process from sporting injuries, such as shoulder and hamstring.

Specific examples of exercises and the way they can assist your recovery are:

  • Core stability for back related injuries
  • Strengthening Exercises (e.g. ankle rehabilitation, balance exercises, proprioception, strengthening, range of movement)
  • Specific stretches (e.g. rotator cuff stretching for shoulder impingement)
  • Functional exercises

Providing exercises as a part of your physiotherapy treatment has many reasons:

  • Speed recovery
  • General fitness
  • Self-treatment
  • Empowering patient

The idea behind the prescription of exercise is to empower the patient to help with recovery. This enables the patient to be less reliant on the physiotherapist to help them, and eventually leads to a faster outcome and a quicker return to sport. Exercise and stretching form an integral part of most rehabilitation programs. Exercise helps to increase energy and range of motion, strengthen the muscles, bring blood to the extremities and improve cardiovascular health. Stretching is essential not only for muscle, but for the soft tissue as well.