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8 effective exercises to treat Lateral Epicondylitis

Lateral Epicondylitis(also known as Tennis elbow) is a common condition we see at Fairfield Physiotherapy. It’s typically an overloading or overuse injury that can occur following any repetitive loading of the forearm and elbow. This can be from tennis, gardening, spending a long time on a computer with sub-optimal ergonomics, or even housework. It often causes elbow pain, particularly on the outside or “lateral aspect” of the elbow. Tightness and pain are the most common limitations and need to be dealt with in the early stages. Strengthening is also important as it allows people to return to full function and reduce the likelihood of recurrences.

Is there a recipe for a cure? There are several strategies which help reduce the pain and inflammation along with exercise prescription to increase strength and function. 

Dry needling can help with managing the tightness in the arm and reduce local pain and restriction. This often provides temporary relief and allow time for the other longer-term treatments to take effect.

Exercises to treat lateral epicondylitis are the most utilised therapy and have a large amount of evidence to support their use. Depending on the type of lateral epicondylitis you have and what caused it along with what aggravates it the following exercises may be useful.

Exercises to treat Lateral Epicondylitis

These stretches can help reduce the tightness associated with the elbow strain and pain.

  1. Flexion Stretch
  2. Extension Stretch

These exercises to treat lateral epicondylitis can help the tendon to add load and build up some basic strength which can help you tolerate activities a little easier.

  1. Towel Wringing
  2. Grip Squeeze
  3. Resisted wrist extension

These will help build up higher levels of strength and help you get back to tennis or other sports/activities with a much lower chance of recurrence.

  1. Weighted wrist extension
  2. Weighted wrist flexion
  3. Weighted wrist rotations

To ask which of these exercises to treat lateral epicondylitis is best suited for you, contact Fairfield Physio on (03) 9489 7744.