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Lockdown is over! Prepare your body for a return back to school or the office

Most of us are keen it’s now 2021 and are ready to assume some semblance of our new “normal”. Many of our regular activities are recommencing. People are getting back to sport, offices, activities and kids are getting back to school. While it may seem obvious that the body can feel a shock getting back to sport, injuries and pain can also happen with a change of posture or routine. But, you don’t have to just accept your body is going to be sore and take time to settle, there are things that can be done proactively to assist your transition.

Back to school

Starting with kids going back to school, the trip to and from school can sometimes be forgotten as a potential for overloading. Make sure you are realistic with how strenuous the journey to and from school is, especially as this bookends the day. Having done most of last year’s schooling from home carrying a heavy bag was not a concern, however this year children will be carrying bags for prolonged periods. Make sure the bag is packed well with heavy items low and closer to the spine. Finally, we often consider posture for a school day however this year it won’t be the quantity (everyone’s done plenty of sitting in 2020) but more the amount of support and whether it’s appropriate. Ensure the seat does most of the work to support your posture as the core and postural muscles fatigue with prolonged sitting and won’t be able to support you for longer periods. Physio for kids can look at any risk factors and help you address them before they lead to strains or injuries.

Fitness resolutions

Tennis, basketball, football and soccer are all starting after long periods without participation. Some people have been able to maintain fitness with alternative forms of exercise, but not everyone has been able to be as active through 2020. Firstly, ensure your fitness is at a suitable level for returning to sport. A less obvious factor is strength and conditioning. The types of muscles and the way you use them is different for each sport. If you are intending on returning to a sport you haven’t played in some time, make sure the muscles used (e.g. forearm/elbow in tennis) are up for it. If you have already returned and are feeling a little niggle or are feeling tentative, get a physiotherapist to assess your training strategies before an injury develops that could put you out again for a while.

Back to office

Returning to the office is another feature of 2021. While many will relish the return to a normal work environment it may not be quite the same as some are expecting. Make sure you take a little bit of time to set up your workstation to suit your postural needs. Check out our blog on desk ergonomics for some tips and pointers. Regular breaks from sitting help relieve the postural strain and load. It is often easier to apply this in the office than at home, but wherever you are, remember to make a point to get up and move during the day.

As we return to a number of our missed activities there may be a tendency to put off/ignore the body. It’s a lot easier to prevent injuries or treat them early, than deal with pain and inconvenience afterwards. If you need a physio for children or adults, then give us a call at Fairfield Physiotherapy and let us help you get back to your life as Melbourne comes back to it’s life.

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