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5 Things You Need To Know About Physiotherapy For Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can differ to everyday injuries, especially when they are incurred by players at professional level. Sports physiotherapists draw on their valuable sports-specific knowledge and expertise to provide sports injury support and care to both professional and amateur sports people. Today, we’re going to reveal the crucial role physiotherapy plays in rehabilitation from and prevention of sports injuries.


What is sports physiotherapy?

Sports physiotherapy is a specialised branch of physiotherapy which deals with the treatment and prevention of sports injuries. Sports physiotherapists work with sports players of all levels, from those playing recreational sport right through to elite athletes.


What are the most common types of sports injuries?

Common injuries experienced by sports players include joint sprains, muscle strains, tendon injuries, and bony overuse injuries such as ‘shin splints’ or stress fractures.


How can physiotherapy help you recover from sports injuries?

Physiotherapists possess expert knowledge in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sporting injuries. We can work closely with you to restore your optimal function and help you plan a successful and safe return to sport or physical activity. What’s more, when you do return to playing sport, physiotherapy can aid you to improve your performance dramatically.

If you require surgery your physiotherapist can help you prepare for the surgery and aid your physical rehabilitation following the procedure.


What kinds of techniques do physios use to treat sports injuries?

Physiotherapy can help you to relieve your pain and recover more quickly, improve scar tissue, strengthen/facilitate normal movement in the injured area and improve your performance by:

  • employing hands-on techniques such as massage and joint mobilisation
  • taping/bracing injured areas
  • prescribing rehabilitation exercises
  • providing education and resources


How can the physios at Fairfield Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries help?

At Fairfield Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre our physiotherapists have a special interest in sports injury management and prevention. We work with a number of local sporting clubs and have provided support and training to national sports teams. Our physios are all highly trained in the assessment and treatment of sports injuries.

Our personalised approach leads to a clinical diagnosis and tailored management plan that the treating physiotherapist and patient together agree will achieve an optimal result for the presenting injury in the least amount of time possible.

For advice and management of any of your sports injury concerns contact us today to arrange an appointment.