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sports injury centre physiotherapy
Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is a specific field of physiotherapy. A Sports physiotherapist can manage a wide variety of sporting injuries sustained by the elite to everyday athlete.

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physio for back pain
Back Pain Treatment

Lower back pain affects most people at some point in their lives. It can be severe and disabling and is the most prevalent condition we see at Fairfield Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre.

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physiotherapist massaging neck and back of dark haired man
Neck Pain Treatment

Physiotherapists have a significant role in the assessment and management of neck conditions and their associated painful symptoms.

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physiotherapist massaging blonde woman head and neck
Headache & Migraine Treatment

Our physiotherapists achieve excellent results assessing and managing all types of headaches.

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physiotherapy for shoulder pain shoulder injury
Shoulder Pain

Problems with shoulder pain can make daily activities uncomfortable.

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fairfield physiotherapy sciatica physiotherapist
Sciatica Treatment

Our physiotherapists determine the cause of your sciatica and provide individual treatment for the symptoms. You learn how to manage your condition at home and work.

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physio for tennis elbow
Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow can appear in individuals who participate in activities that involve repetitive movements.

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We pride ourselves on the high standards of our service. We offer highly-qualified staff, safe and proven procedures and the latest in physiotherapy techniques – all with convenient car parking too!

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