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Do you have pain in your foot? This might be the reason

If you’re accustomed to feeling a stabbing pain in your foot when you first walk out of bed in the morning, you might have something called plantar fasciopathy.

And while the symptoms can be quite painful there is good news – a physio can help to treat the condition.

What is plantar fasciopathy?

The ‘plantar fascia’ is a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. Plantar fasciopathy occurs when this thick band becomes irritated and begins to break down.

Obviously, there are many, varied reasons you may experience foot pain. Yet there are some notable traits that signal potential plantar fasciopathy. If the pain is sharp and stabbing in your heel and is at its worst first thing in the morning, there is a chance this is pain that needs to be treated by a physiotherapist.

Are you at risk?

There are a range of factors that might put you at risk of plantar fasciopathy, including:

  • Increase in training load
  • Obesity
  • Tight calves
  • Prolonged periods of standing
  • Poor footwear
  • Overpronation (‘flat feet’)
  • Reduced ankle (dorsiflexion) range of motion
  • Reduced big toe extension range of motion
  • Reduced calf strength
How can you treat this pain?

The great news is that a physiotherapist can assess, diagnose and treat plantar fasciopathy.

Your practitioner can perform manual therapy such as massage and taping and they can work with you develop an at-home management plan including stretches, progressive strengthening exercises, myofascial release techniques and rest.

If you have ongoing foot pain, or any other pain that is impacting you, and are looking for physiotherapy in Melbourne, book an appointment with a physiotherapist at Fairfield Physiotherapy.