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Expert Post-Surgery Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

When Fairfield Physiotherapy was established the sage advice from an experienced local GP was “never think you know everything” and always spread the responsibility if you are unsure and it beyond you scope and ability. There is a long and productive history of close liaison between our physiotherapists and other health professionals eg doctors and surgeons which optimises the management of the conditions of our patients.

Fairfield Physiotherapy has a good rapport with many surgeons including joint replacement, post traumatic surgery, reconstructive surgery and spinal surgery. Many GPs trust our physiotherapists with the management of their patients with conservative methods prior to surgery. Post operative rehabilitation is always closely aligned with the protocols of the treating surgeon as well as the surgical findings, so close communication amongst the team is beneficial for every patient’s outcome. Surgeons who refer patients to Fairfield Physiotherapy believe that physiotherapy is an important part of management post-surgery.