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The Causes, Treatments, and Aids for Tennis Elbow

Experiencing pain on the court and suspecting Tennis Elbow? You’re not alone. Tennis Elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is a common ailment that affects many, not just tennis players like Roger Federer. From carpentry and gardening to painting and cooking, repetitive motions of the wrist and arm can lead to this condition.

So, what exactly is tennis elbow?

Tennis Elbow is the term used to describe the swelling of the tendons in your forearm. Its cause? Repetitive strain on the forearm muscles that are used to raise and straighten your hand and wrist, leading to tiny tears in the tendon, as explained by Health Direct.

How do you recognize tennis elbow?

The classic symptom of Tennis Elbow is pain in the forearm, right below the elbow bend. Sometimes, this pain can radiate towards your wrist in the lower arm or even into the upper arm. If you feel pain while writing, raising your hand, making a fist, or even shaking hands, you might be dealing with Tennis Elbow.

How do you treat tennis elbow?

For mild cases, Tennis Elbow might recover on its own with sufficient rest and over-the-counter pain relief medication. However, to restore your muscles to their prime condition, a regimen suggested by a physiotherapist is invaluable. These experts recommend exercises for tennis elbow that stretch and strengthen the forearm muscles. Remember, the type and intensity of your physiotherapy will be based on the stage and severity of your condition. Always consult a professional before trying out exercises you find online.

At Fairfield Physiotherapy, we go the extra mile. We offer supportive straps and braces as part of our tennis elbow treatment services. These aids, as highlighted by John Hopkins Medicine, are crafted to apply pressure and stabilize the afflicted area, limiting elbow joint motion. This strategy is effective in reducing pain, as it prevents undue stretching and straining on the impacted tendons, allowing them a chance to rest and heal.

Noticing Tennis Elbow symptoms? Here’s what to do.

If you suspect you have Tennis Elbow, professional assistance is paramount. At Fairfield Physiotherapy, we evaluate your condition, crafting the perfect treatment plan for a swift recovery. Engage in tennis or other high-risk activities? We guide you in adopting the right techniques to ward off future injuries.

Keen on learning more about Tennis Elbow prevention and treatment, or other sports-related injuries? Dive deeper into our blogs or don’t hesitate to book an appointment online or contact Fairfield Physiotherapy at (03) 9489 7744.